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Document Software

Aquarius DMS
Document Management Software

There's a better way! Aquarius DMS (Document Management Software) manages scanned documents, photos, word processing documents, and virtually any electronic document, stores them and allows users to retrieve them from their workstations, desktop or laptop computers. DMS is powerful yet extremely easy to use. The familiar Windows interface is easily learned, even by first time users. It is easily customized to meet most any applications requirements and can be integrated with your existing system. No lost documents, no costly mis-files, recover lost space, and provide security that is impossible with paper files. Bottom line, Aquarius Document Management Software, is the most productive tool for capturing, storing and retrieving your paper or PC based information. Let's take a look at some of the main features...

The Document Center

The Document Center "simulates" the way you work with your paper documents today. Folders are displayed with a folder icon and can be labeled just as you label your folders today. If you click on the folder the pages are displayed as small icons below. Clicking on the page displays it in the viewer to the right of the document center. Pages can be re-arranged by dragging and dropping them to another place in the folder, or copied, moved, or linked to another folder.

The Viewer

The Viewer displays the pages that are in the folder. Images can be zoomed, rotated, or annotated with virtual sticky notes, virtual "white out", virtual highlighters, text or hyperlinks.

The Viewer can also launch Pre-processing tasks like Deskew, Crop, Rotation, or OCR. DMS has a full text OCR feature with the capability of creating a full text database that can be key word searched.

Indexing and Querying

Aquarius DMS utilizes an ODBC compliant database (typically MS SQL) to index the documents and make them searchable. The ODBC lookup wizard can establish a connection with your ODBC compliant database and pull in additional indexing information automatically…..eliminating the need to manually keystroke fields. DMS also can utilize bar-code or OCR (optical character recognition) technology to automatically index your documents.

Once indexed, documents can be found quickly by using the query wizard that allows you to create simple yet powerful searches easily. Any combination of information in the search fields can be entered and the wizard allows you to use "relational operators" like begins with, ends with, contains, grater than, less than, and more. Once the search is made, a list of documents that match your search is displayed. Documents and pages are displayed and can be viewed, printed, faxed or e-mailed.


Aquarius goes the extra mile on security, following the NT model, you can assign users to groups. Each group has specific rights within Aquarius DMS… most every function within DMS can be granted, denied, or granted with an audit trail kept. Using the security groups and utilizing our "Confidential" capabilities we can secure documents down to the page level. Since removing the "virtual whiteout" annotation feature can be restricted with group security, DMS can give you sub-page level security with full auditing.

Open Architecture

Aquarius offers you flexibility when choosing hardware to scan and store your documents. For scanning we support TWAIN, ISIS and Kofax Accelerator cards which give you support and certification of a wide range of options for scanning hardware. For storage, all Aquarius needs is a logical letter on the network or an UNC address. We have certified OTG and KOM Jukebox Management Drivers which gives you access to most all CD, DVD, and tape libraries.

Aquarius uses a standard database for it's indexes and completely open. Through ODBC we can connect to any compliant SQL Database running on most platforms. We have certified MS-SQL and Oracle through extensive testing. Others can be certified on a case by case basis.

Workflow and Messaging

Aquarius has a Workflow module available. Routing, intelligent routing, distributed routing, expiration times, ticklers, redirecting, monitoring, reporting, etc. are handled through easy to use "drag and drop" graphical interface. The Workflow Wizard creates an Aquarius "script" that can be further modified to create more complex workflows or integrate with existing systems.


The crown jewel of Aquarius! We have created a VB like scripting language that allows our support staff (or you!) to customize most aspects of Aquarius. The base product has many functionalities with simple use interfaces built in however, with over 2,000 scripting functions available to customize Aquarius it can be easily tailored to your applications. You can add screens, buttons, change commands and functionalities, etc. and we even provide you with an easy to use Form Designer Interface!

Do you have a very special request for a functionality of your system? You can handle it yourself, or you can outsource it through one of our authorized re-sellers who have been trained by us.

Integration with ERM

Full integration of DMS and ERM (Enterprise Report Management) provides you with seamless integration between your computer generated documents and regular scanned paper documents. You can add reports to DMS as a separate application or have ERM put the computer generated pages into the right folders automatically! All without scanning or manual indexing.

Integration with Existing Applications

If you are running Windows based terminal emulations for your existing application software, we can "link" Aquarius folders to your mainframe records without touching your host software! Through an Aquarius script we can "scrape" the screen of your terminal emulation software and pass it to the appropriate Aquarius application and initiate a search for a document, or pass index information to Aquarius during the normal data entry process combining the data entry process you do now with the indexing process in Aquarius… your filing becomes a by-product of the data entry you currently must do!