Document Management Solutions

A document management system is a critical investment for any size company. First, it provides a place to organize all the files of a business, creating a paperless workplace and providing easy and secure access to documents. Second, document management software aids in revision controls, data protection, collaboration, efficiency and the standardization of archival and backup processes.

KBS can show your business how easy it is to save money and increase efficiency by integrating your existing business applications.

The software sets the standard for document management and workflow solutions. From this browser-based interface your team can do a myriad of functions that increase productivity and simplify workflow:

  • Capture, index, and retrieve documents to approve and distribute.
  • Create documents using PDF-based electronic forms
  • Capture files from scanners, network folders, and email accounts
  • Search and capture documents using keywords and another index information
  • Integrate e-mail and fax tools to distribute documents with external software
  • Integrate other software packages: accounting, project management, Microsoft office
  • Automate workflow events


Take advantage of the many benefits including:

  • Quick deployment
  • Controlled & logged access
  • Remote connectivity
  • Information security and protection with system-event viewer for administration audits of user activity
  • One affordable price based on the number of users
  • No confusing add-on modules
  • Intuitive design and easy user interface
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Compliance controls

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