KBS Managed Print Services

Companies large and small benefit from professional management of business printing devices, including printers, scanners, faxes and copiers. The idea is simple: gain control of your printing to save money and boost productivity.

Managed print services address the total cost of managing printers and the people and processes that support them. Using the strategies of managed print services, businesses can save money, produce less paper, enhance security measures and increase efficiency.

What does a Managed Print Services Provider like KBS Do?  

  • Use their specialized knowledge to analyze print needs, and recommend best practices, updates, consolidation or changes in equipment for cost savings and performance. This can also include reducing “local” inefficient, un-networked printers that serve one person and are often costlier than originally thought.
  • Analyze placement of office devices for access by the largest number of employees, helping to improve productivity and maximize device use.
  • Recommend and manage automated supply programs that monitor devices and automate toner shipments to keep machines running and employees productive. Businesses consolidate their vendors and costs, which in turn creates stable monthly expenses.
  • Keep IT departments focused on their important issues and free from “help-desk” style tasks that burden the department and wreak havoc on their more critical concerns. Managed print service providers assist with employee training and help desk support for print and equipment issues.
  • Provide remote print services as employees work in off-site locations. Remote printing means an employee doesn’t have to come to the office to print important paperwork or ask co-workers to manage tasks for them.
  • Improve security with encrypted device data to combat cyber threats. As more devices become connected and trackable, so do they become vulnerable to hackers who want to access your business information.
  • Lower your businesses environmental impact by reducing paper use and waste, lower electrical consumption, reduce consumables, and collect customer data electronically, saving time and fuel for an employee to check meters, and trouble shoot easy-to-fix device issues.


Plus, because we have direct relationships with leading print equipment manufacturers, we are able to provide equipment at competitive prices with back-up technical support expertise. Our goal is helping our customers spend less to purchase and manage business equipment, while also experiencing less downtime.

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